Farming Simulator 17 mods

Today we want to show considerations about Farming Simulator 2017 mods features, which maybe will be in new version of the game, ex: ground deformation, placeable buildings, more realistic economy, more depth with diary farming and others.

Possible features of FS17 mods and original game:
– irrigation upgrades, that increase harverst amount
– soil chemistry, that makes a field favorable to one crop type, perhaps that wears off over time
– one shot upgrades like having a crop duster spray a field very quickly
– reset area to original condition
– organic option that increases the value of a fruit type
– some damage system to vehicles
– larger map
– more crop, fruit types
– better AI system
– more pedestrians and AI activity in map

Source: FS17.LT

About Farming Simulator 2017 mods

We can’t wait, when we will share FS17 mods for You :) This sunny day we found interesting opinion about Farming Simulator 2017 from Gbase:
“The developers goods limited in the past to a few light sources, there is for the designer to the effect finally no artificial limitation more. This affects also immediately on the scene of acts but especially at night all come something authentic and atmospheric. Given the many colorful plants like the new sunflowers that also depend on the sun, thus ensuring once again for more atmosphere.
In addition to optical adjustments you shall also upgrade engines or other technical specifications. Are you at the beginning, however, still too short of money to buy your own equipment, so now you are allowed to resort to leasing.
Did you just not drive on hand, you can also walk to explore the world and as it fell a few trees and cut up into small pieces. While this was also previously, but this time you can finally abrogate objects and controls for bring Transporter. Thanks to an integrated throw-option we are waiting already looking forward to the first log-throwing competitions.”

Source: FS17.LT